Why The Change of Logo?

3D Logo
Hey Everybody! I really hope you are enjoying our new website. I hope it’s functional, clean, sleek, & eye candy for you. Just because it’s a church website that doesn’t mean it can’t be cool, right? So… this logo business! Why the change? The original logo “r2” was the brain child of my best friend & I. It really spoke to the revelation God gave me at the time as I was transitioning out of a religious mindset into a place of pure relationship with Christ. We’ve graduated from just being a cool & edgy church to a place who are still contemporary but understands it’s identity. Less messy… still edgy, but with purpose. This new logo communicates how we’ve cleaned up the rough edges, simplified our ministry, & want our brand to clearly identify our church. Funny thing is, most people couldn’t explain the concept of “r2” but just thought it was cool. Why have a logo concept people can’t understand easily? If you know anything about me is that I have no “sacred cows” & I’m willing to change anything for the sake of helping people connect to Christ & his church. Although cool is cool… It’s time for us to be cool, but with a purpose! It’s time to say goodbye to the old & hello to the new! I hope you love the new design because it’s going to be around for a bit. Let’s keep changing the world! -Bishop

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