Is Failure the End?


I‘ve learned a lot over this past year. I FAILED! Like not your white lie failure either… Straight up hit the ground like Satan did when God kicked him out of heaven. And NO – I’m not Satan. lol! I don’t have time to tell you the entire story but I want to tell you the big thing I’ve learned. If you don’t truly know who you are in Christ & what his blood did for you on the cross when you fail it will be impossible to recover, however if you truly know who you are in Christ it gives you the recipe for recovering. Ever messed up? Like Bad? This one piece of revelation is what helped me get back up! “God doesn’t define you by your sin, HE defines you by HIS Son!” Whew!!! My identity in God’s eyes is still the same & even if people never see you the same anymore, in God’s eyes you are still HIS & his plan for your life didn’t change. He doesn’t have a “If you live a perfect life plan” or a “If you mess up recovery plan.” He has a plan & purpose and he’s just waiting on you to accomplish it. Failure isn’t failure until you quit. Get back up!! Let’s change the world!

If you want to be nosey go to & watch the “Broken Pastor” Series! It will change your life! Let me know when you’ve finished it. I’d love to dialogue with you! -Bishop 

One thought on “Is Failure the End?

  1. Dave Cook says:

    I failed too as a pastor. Miserably! I really beat myself up over it for a long, long time. Nearly ruined my life. I got back up. Thought I’d never use my gifts again. I am using them, in a very different format. Someday I may return to ministry but that is no longer my focus. Just heard a man say, faith will be tested. Hope will be daunted. Love will be tried. Yet the Bible says these three will endure. There is no victory without pain. The Bible promises hard times WILL come. But we are MORE than conquerors. Pain produces faith, hope, and love. How amazing is this? I’m amazed to have my family. Thought they would all desert me for sure. Wouldn’t blame them! God IS restoring all things. It wasn’t for naught. You are doing a good work. Gods favor is on your ministry. It is hard. It will be hard but you are restoring paths to dwell in for a broken community.

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