Awaken the World Changer in You!

Life’s circumstances have a way of convincing us that all we have to look forward to in life is chaos, trials, and troubles. We spend the majority of our life settling for routine and convenience instead of challenging our norms and seeking to accomplish something significant in life. We buy into the lie that life is just about going to work, paying bills, eating food, raising children, entertainment, then sleep just to wake up and do it all over again. Life is to be lived with a sense of purpose, passion, and drive to accomplish something that will leave the world at awe.

God has invested too much in you for you to think small. Small thinkers accomplish small things, but big thinkers accomplish big things. It is time for you to dream bigger! There is a world changer in you. Yes. YOU! You have not tapped into the potential and power that is inside of you. Are you living life or are you letting life live you? Do not just let things happen; it is time to make things happen.

How do you awaken the world changer inside you? You must believe that God has made a large investment of Himself in you and that He wants that to be shown to the world. We have a responsibility to God to manifest all of who He is to the world. It is a huge undertaking however, AwakenGod obviously believes that you are up for the task. The world is better because you are here. Your gifts, talents, and abilities are so large that they are just waiting for you to take the limits off of them so they can make an impact on this world.

At this point in my life, I would rather believe God for big things and get some of it than to believe God for nothing and get nothing at all! How many times in life we wished we started that business, ministry, or philanthropic endeavor that would impact the world for generations to come? Here is your wake up call! Believe in God, believe in yourself, awaken your purpose, engage your passions, choose to be risky, take changes, dream big, and expect God to do big things through you. Your dreams could be God’s next big gift to the world. Let it out! We have got a world to change! -Bishop

2 thoughts on “Awaken the World Changer in You!

  1. Michelle Sturdivant says:

    Wow! I can hear the words of my dad John Sturdivant (RIP) when you asked Are you living life or letting Life live you? Thank you so much for the shot in my spiritual arm of reality and purpose. I am ready Let’s Change the World Folks!!!


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